Chase Farm Hospital

Supplied and installed in 2015 this was the first package Heat Pump unit 1st Systems have helped to design and install, The mechanical services were designed by QED Consultants based in Hawkhurst, Kent. The builders were ARJ Construction and Mechanical services were installed by Odyssey 


The system was an Airedale/Barkell Enviropack package system; The units feature a variation of Airedale’s Enviropack cooling-heat-pump solution. Enviropack is an integral packaged unit that removes the need for external chillers, DX condensers or Boliers. The duty for this project was ... but is available throughout the range, providing the option for cooling (10kW – 235kW) and heating (9kW – 218kW). Available in single and dual circuits, Enviropack™ delivers up to 4 stages of cooling or heating across multiple skid platforms. A single control panel manages both the refrigeration package and the AHU.


The system uses Thermal wheels or Plate Heat Exchangers to achieve at least 65% or 85% (respectively) efficiency in both summer and winter operation.

The units also incorporate electronic expansion valves to improve EER by up to 30% compared with standard thermostatic expansion valves.


The Solution




Pictures of the Installation