Koolair specializes in the manufacture of air diffusion and distribution products. They are renowned for the design, development and innovation of their equipment, which is tested at an in-house R&D and Innovation laboratory. The Group’s production facilities in Móstoles (province of Madrid) are highly automated and equipped with robotic systems. They are considered as the leader in their industry and focuses their work on air distribution products, including grilles and diffusers.



List of Products

Supply Grilles

Return Grilles

Linnear Grilles

Security Grilles

Absolute Filter Plenum Grilles 

Air Transfer Grilles

Swirl Diffusers

Thermo Adjustable Diffusers

Long-throw Diffusers and Nozzles

Square Diffusers

Linear Diffusers

Floor Diffusers



Entire Product List - Technical Selection Guide

Supply Grilles - Series 20.1 - Series 26

Return Grilles - Series 20.2

Linnear Grilles - Series 30

Security Grilles - Series KSG

Absolute Filter Plenum Grilles - Series KPA  -  Series KTF

Swirl Diffusers - Series 40.2  -  Series DFRA OV

Thermo Adjustable Diffusers - DF49 TR  -  DFTR  -  DGV TR  -  44SF TR  -  DF 47 TR  -  DFRE GR TR  

Long-throw Diffusers and Nozzles - DLA Series  -  DLA Series Pt2  -  DF49MT3  

Square Diffusers - Series 50  -  DTP

Linear Diffusers  -  Series KFD KLD  -  Series KFD KLD  -  Series 70  -  LK70  -  DF KR  -  70.1

Floor Diffusers  -  DF CP MT & DSA  -  DAFC-P  -  DFRE-P