Diffusion is a company established in 1960 which design and manufacture heating, cooling and ventilation products such as Fan Coil Units, Over Door Heaters, Fan Convectors and Fan Assisted VAV's. Diffusion is also part of Energy Technique Pic, an AIM listed holding company encompassing several businesses catering to manufacturing and M&E Maintenance Services, in which Diffusion is the manufacturing division.


    Chamelion Overdoor Air Curtain                                           Eco Highline 270 I Fan Coil Unit






Waterside Fan Coils:

Highline 270 EC/DC Water Side Fan Coil

Lowline Water Side Fan Coil

Highline 300i Water Side Fan Coil

Highline 260i EC/DC Water Side Fan Coil

Highline 260i Water Side Fan Coil


Airside Fan Coils

Lowline Air Side Fan Coil

Highline 260i Air Side Fan Coil


Eco 270 Range

High Efficiency Low SFP Eco Fan Coil Unit Range




Air Curtains

ACE Air Curtain

AT Air Curtain

TR Air Curtain

Savanna Air Curtain

Oasis Air Curtain

Airboss Air Curtain

Mirage – High Performance Capacity Air Curtain

Mirage – Super Capacity Air Curtain

Mirage – Standard & High Capacity Air Curtain

Eclipse Air Curtain

Chameleon – 500mm Air Curtain

Chameleon – 400mm Air Curtain 

Air Curtains Selector Guide 


Air Movement

Whispavent Ventilation Unit

Fanair Ventilation Unit


Fan Convectors

FCH Fan Convector

Longline Fan Convector

Slimvector Fan Convector


Warm Air Heaters

CT Warm Air Heater

SR Warm Air Heater

ZH Warm Air Heater