Barcol-Air is a fully independent company which specialises in air distribution products Variable Air Volume (VAV), Constant Air Volume (CAV), dual duct systems, chilled ceilings and beams. They are part of the HC Group and MWH Group of companies and manufactures all products in Europe and Switzerland to European and Swiss standards.

List of Products:

- Induction VAV low energy terminals
- Chilled ceiling high output metal ceiling type
- Chilled ceiling plasterboard high quality finish type
- Circular and Swirl diffusers

- Variable Air Volume terminals, standard VAV, fan VAV, dual duct
- Constant Air Volume terminals, small and large air volume, fresh air systems control to low energy part L
- Air measuring and pressure control units


Barcol-air continues to offer leading edge low energy indoor climate technology through chilled water systems, building storage and low energy VAV systems backed up by modern research/test facilities.


Fan Assisted VAV - Type NX                  Chilled Ceilings as supplied to 'One Hyde Park'




NK/NL Series
Rectangular VAV and CAV air volume control terminals

NS Series
Rectangular VAV and CAV air volume control terminals with integral sound attenuator

NR Series
Circular CAV air volume control terminals with system powered mechanical regulator

VAV Systems

Fan Powered VAV Terminals - Series Type VFS by Barcol-Air UK